Diamond Guide

Diamond Guide

The 4Cs of diamonds – CUT, CLARITY, COLOR, CARAT WEIGHT – all contribute to a diamond’s beauty and brilliance.

CUT affects a diamonds brightness, fire and sparkle. A diamond’s cut refers to how well proportioned diamonds are and how the facets are positioned to created sparkle and brilliance. Each diamond has a par- ticular grade cut. (Sally not sure if shapes should be mentioned here: emerald, princess, oval, square, round and pear-shaped (other cuts will be available).

CLARITY is the grading scale of small imperfections on the surface and within the stone. Diamond clarity is graded by the visibility of blemishes (on the surface) and inclusions (internal flaws) under 10-power magnifi- cation. The GIA diamond grading system is divided into 6 categories and 11 diamond clarity grade:

FL: FL diamonds are Flawless
IF: IF diamonds are Internally Flawless
VVS1 VVS2: VVS diamonds (1 and 2) are Very, Very Slightly Included
VS1 VS2: VS diamonds (1 and 2) are Very Slightly Included
SI1 SI2: SI diamonds (1 and 2) are Slightly Included
I1 I2 I3: I diamonds (1, 2 and 3) are Imperfect
* Diamonds with a SI - VS clarity grade have the best value.

COLOR is an important consideration when buying a diamond. The color scale ranges from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow or brown). D-F are considered colorless and are the rarest and highest quality. D is one of the whitest and most rare and valuable. G-J are near colorless diamonds and are of no discernible color. They have great value for the quality.

CARAT refers to a diamond’s weight. We offer diamond weights starting at 1.00 carat and up.

Diamonds are precious miracles of nature, created over millions of years within the earth. Every diamond has it’s own unique characteristics. At Neil Lane we find beauty in the spectrum of all colors and clarities to create captivating and exquisite diamonds.