Shape: PEAR

Carat: 1.2

Certificate Link: http://diamanti.s3.amazonaws.com/certificates/6311886444.jpg

Clarity: VVS1

Color: D

Culet: N

Cut: VG

Fl: N

Fl Shade: -

Girdle: 7.11

Measurement: 8.47-5.80x3.78

Pol: VG

Pr Ct: 7631.8

RapPercent: -30.62

RapRate: 11000

RapValue: 13200

Ratio: 1.46

Sym: VG

Tab: 62

TD: 65.2

Video Link: http://diamanti.s3.amazonaws.com/video/Vision360.html?d=180983-413


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About This Collection

Neil Lane Couture collections feature world-renowned, beautiful works of art that are a direct reflection of Neil Lane, both as a celebrated designer, and respected curator, collector of important period and historical jewels . Each Neil Lane Couture piece of jewelry is meticulously handmade by skilled artisans. From trendsetting rough-cut diamond sautoirs that sparkle on the red carpet to the most elegant engagement and bridal rings, every piece of jewelry designed by Neil Lane is a stunning fashion statement.

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